Soor AL Basra | MANPOWER
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Our Company relies on a group of technical specialized manpower in engineering and technical areas that provide technical and logistical support to the management of the Company to enable it to implement larger projects with a high degree of success . The Company’s management is keen to appoint competent staff including them in an integrated team leading a series of repeated successes in the completion of projects . The Company’s technical team is represented by a group of engineers, technical competences ( architectural , civil , mechanical , electricity ,computers , telecommunication , agriculture ) in addition to other technicians in various fields ( surveyors , drivers of heavy vehicles , technicians , welders , and others ) . as well as to the management team , which represents the logistical support to the executive bodies in the workplace (engineering consultants , administrators in various fields , legal advisers , accountant , work monitors, security men )

This is the secret of success in the work of our Company